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We did not set out to be specialists for retiring teachers. Twenty years ago we received referrals from teachers in the Wide Bay region and we have continued to receive referrals from satisfied clients, both on the Sunshine Coast and in Wide Bay. So much so that around one third of our current client base are retired teachers.

We understand the unique circumstances of teachers and their community having been involved in many discussions at our teacher forums. We provide Teacher Retirement Question and Answer Forums on the Sunshine Coast and in the Wide Bay region, and have done so since 2003. These provide teachers an opportunity to discuss teacher retirement planning options and ask questions in regard to their finances, superannuation and retirement planning. This can be helpful in the pre-retirement phase no matter where you are along the retirement time-line.  

We find teachers appreciate having a Financial Advisor who knows them personally, their history, their family and their needs, and who takes an active role in their retirement planning.  A financial planning adviser who is readily available and will design a financial plan for their specific needs and circumstances including throughout their retirement period. Teachers have also appreciated having more choice with regard to their Estate Planning including being able to deem who is the legal beneficiary of their superannuation.

Apart from overseeing the ongoing management of your investment portfolio within market fluctuations, there are many things that may need to be managed throughout your retirement phase. As retirement evolves there can be such things as downsizing properties, receiving an inheritance, Age Pension entitlement changes, or the need for Aged Care for a partner. Our services include assisting you with financial advice regarding these kind of circumstances should they arise.

Teacher Advantages

If you have a Defined Benefit Superannuation then market fluctuations do not affect your retirement nest egg. This can position you with more choice as to when you retire. A financial adviser can give you a clearer view of best timing for your circumstances.

Teachers also experience some advantages in the pre and post retirement phase. Many people choose to extend the front end of their retirement by taking long service leave as part of their pre-retirement strategy. In addition, some retiring teachers will keep a small amount of investment in their Accumulation account to keep it open, and then utilise Supply Teaching as a form of part-time income in their post-retirement phase.

Maher Digby ongoing service includes client updates, regular portfolio reviews and direct access to your adviser as needed. 

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