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MAHER DIGBY securities - Estate PLANNING Services  

The Maher Digby financial planning firm services the Wide Bay and Sunshien Coast regions, and can will help you ensure your financial investments are distributed as per your wishes upon your passing.

It is vital that your Will is current, outlining your beneficiaries and any other wishes you may want to put in writing. Without a Will, your Estate may be passed to the Public Trustee for management with added costs, time delays and it would be open to contestment by your relatives for beneficiary rights. This is why comprehensive estate planning following the letter of the law is essential, and best done sooner rather than later. 

Our financial advisors also recommend having an Enduring Power of Attorney in place which designates who can sign on your behalf if for some reason you are not able to do so yourself. Both your Will and your POA are legal documents that can be done with the guidance and support of your solicitor.

Our Maher Digby financial advisers will assist in providing indispensable estate planning advice and managing the transfer of your Estate to your deemed beneficiaries. On your passing, the last thing you want is complexities and complications left for your beneficiaries to figure out on their own.

Having no clearly defined plan and statement of your wishes is a costly mistake for your Estate with increased solicitor and administration fees and significant delays to the dispersement of your assets.

The Maher Digby financial planning firm can assist with a clearly defined plan for your investments with us, in regard to your Estate.

Our Sunshine Coast financial planners also have a very personal approach in assisting your beneficiaries in accessing, understanding and completing any required paperwork for the transfer of your Estate. This becomes relatively simple if passing to your partner, and though a little more paperwork required if passing to family members, with a clear plan can be managed in due course.

For a helpful Estate Planning checklist and commentary you can review this Estate Planning Advice Guide .

Even though your Superannuation is not part of your Estate, there are options, through utilising a binding nomination, that can ensure your investments are passed to a family member, or your Estate.

Without a binding nomination your superannuation will pass to the Trustee of your superannuation fund to be dispersed at their discretion. Our financial advisors can make arrangements for a binding nomination to be put in place to direct your wishes for any superannuation portion of your portfolio.

There may be a time during the course of your relationship with Maher Digby Financial Planning that you or your partner needs to transition into Aged Care accommodation. Our financial advisers provide simplified guidance for our clients in order to produce the best outcomes in regard to their finances should Aged Care be required. For a useful reference you can view this Guide to Aged Care  - this guide contains relevant information and thresholds current as at 30th June 2020.

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