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Superannuation investment strategies often change as we approach retirement with needs usually transitioning from maximising growth, to one of stability and longevity. Certainly once we retire our needs change again, generally to maintaining capital while delivering an income stream.

Maher Digby have specialist knowledge in the superannuation investment arena with extensive experience in retirement planning and investing within the retirement phase itself. As such we can advise on a range of superannuation investment strategies depending on your personal circumstances and investor needs.

We keep our eye closely on market influences and conduct regular Fund Manager reviews ensuring at all times your investments are under sound management and stategised for market conditions. We also conduct a regular personal review of your investment portfolio and assess any changes in your ongoing needs. We pride ourselves on the high quality of personal service provided to our clients. 

Superannuation Options

If you are approaching retirement, you are also approaching limits on how much you can contribute to your superannuation and thereby receive the inbuilt tax benefits, especially if you are approaching Age Pension Age and no longer working. This can be helpful to keep in mind as part of your overall retirement investment strategy.

There are options such as salary sacrificing, or if you are in receipt of a lump sum of money, through an inheritance or sale of an asset for example, then 'nonconcesssion contributions' could be made to maximise monies in the superannuation environment. There are many advantages to these strategies including taxation benefits, however there are also many complexities, so it is best to discuss options with your financial advisor. 

In the case of couples, sometimes a rebalancing of monies held in superannuation may be appropriate to make the most of your situation and maximise your income.  

If you are a long term government employee you may have a 'defined benefit' superannuation which may also give you more options for retirement.

Superannuation has special rules when it comes to estate planning and can be managed in a way that specifies your wishes. We have specialist knowledge in the area of estate planning and can assist in ensuring your superannuation is passed to your loved ones.

Having our own licence we have access to a broad range of investment options for our clients.The superannuation arena can be very complex and we take time to ensure we provide you with superannuation advice you will understand.


Industry funds are often limited in what they offer regarding investment options and advice.  Many people prefer greater flexibility and control of their retirement investments. If appropriate for you, we have extensive experience in managing rollovers from industry funds, particularly QSuper, whether it be on your retirement or for transferring your Accumulation account to a platform that offers broader investment choice and other advantages. 

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