Retirement Income Strategies on the Sunshine Coast 


When you are looking toward retirement, maximising your income to support the vision of your new retirement lifestyle, will likely be at the forefront of your mind.

With regard to retirement income planning there are many possible scenarios, but generally two main options of how you could receive income if fully retired: 

1. Income Streams 

These could be:

  • Income drawn from your Superannuation investments commonly called an Account Based Pension or Income Stream. When you retire your superannuation can be transferred to a Pension and you can draw a regular income from this tax effectively. Usually this income is drawn from your investments on a monthly basis, although you can choose other time intervals such as quarterly or twice a year for example. Most people find monthly the best option for managing their incomings and outgoings.
  • Income drawn from a non-superannuatIon investment such as savings or invested monies. This would be received as a regular withdrawal most often on a monthly basis, but again, can be adjusted to any preferred interval as required

2. Age Pension from Centrelink 

You may qualify for a Part Age Pension or a Full Age Pension depending on your assets, investments and income. We offer assistance with Centrelink to provide you with your full entitlement to any Pension or Allowance. Your Age Pension eligibility will be based on government defined assets and income limits, and we can assist you in completing your application for assessment. There may be investment strategies that suit your needs and at the same time increase your entitlements.


Depending on your age, your partners age, your mutual work circumstances, and your total assets, this will determine our suggested strategy of the combination of these types of income into your household. For example, there are stategies that can be used if only one spouse is of Age Pension age. It may be that a simple restructure of your finances leads to a higher level of income.

Our goal is to maximise both for you.

part-time income in retirement

Of course some retirees keep their hand in with some form of part-time work. In these circumstances you would keep a small Superannuation account open for any futher contributions until such times as you are fully retired. The value of doing this can be assessed by an overall review of your assets and income. There are also 'transition to retirement' options which include receiving an income stream from an Account Based Pension while still working part-time.

You can reference some further information about when you can access your superannuation in our article at the Market Update section of this website.

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