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Why Choose Us as your Local Financial Adviser?


If you're looking for investment, financial and retirement planning companies which will provide you with financial advice that isn’t influenced by the large institutions you've come to the right financial advisers. 

Our financial advisory firm is proud of our honest and straight forward approach to estate & financial planning, and retirement investment strategies on the Sunshine Coast and in the Wide Bay region.

Maher Digby Securities is a local Nambour financial planning firm that is committed to treating clients like family. You will always have access to our financial adviser services.

Our estate and financial advice, strategies, and recommendations are backed up by up-to-date and ongoing research on the markets. We do regular research visits to the Financial Institutions where your funds are invested so you are assured your investments are always appropriate for you.

Your personal investment needs are considered and retirement is properly planned for, by one of our experienced Maher Digby financial advisers in Nambour. 

We consider your income and lifestyle needs when establishing a tailored long-term plan for you.

Our retirement financial planners assist in your transition towards retirement planning so that as your retirement date approaches all the retiree financial planning paperwork is done for you while you relax.

We have access to the latest superannuation information so we can inform you of any updated superannuation investment options and advise you on how to update your investment strategy to take advantage of any changes.

We regularly review and discuss your financial investments, and you have choice and flexibility about how your money is invested. We also provide you with ongoing education via seminars and regular updates so you can stay informed about your investments.

We assist in the good times – when buying that caravan or new car AND during those challenging times such as when there may be a loss of partner or illness.


Mark Digby

Director and Financial Planner

Mark holds a Gold status rating on Adviser Ratings, Australia's only independent financial adviser ratings and customer review service.


About Maher Digby Financial Advisory Firm

financial planning specialists on the sunshine coast since 1989

Maher Digby Securities is a local family business providing retirement and financial planning services on the Sunshine Coast since 1989. We also provide financial planning services to the Wide Bay region.

Our main focus is on offering friendly accessible service and the highest quality financial advice. Our financial advisers aim to assist you in achieving your lifestyle objectives and retirement dreams.

Holding our own licence, unlike other financial planning firms, we provide you with pension advice, and estate planning and financial advice, that isn’t influenced by the large institutions. Our focus is to cater for your individual needs. 

Please contact our financial planners for financial planning advice and personal investment advice, estate planning services, and retirement planning Sunshine Coast and Wide Bay services. 

We deliver

  • Professional management of your investments
  • Personalised financial advice
  • Genuine service
  • Continuity of care
  • Flexibility and simplicity

For superior retirement investment strategies, and estate & financial planning in Sunshine Coast and the Wide Bay area, all tailored to your needs and finances, contact our team today. 

  • Retirement financial advice from transition right through to aged care.

  • Specialists in QSuper superannuation investment strategies for Teachers and Police.

  • Financial investment advice and estate planning strategies as individual as you are. We'll treat you like family.

  • Help with lifestyle changes that can occur such as loss of partner or illness.

  • Free initial consultations are available for new clients.