Retirement Planning on the Sunshine Coast 

Maher Digby SEcurities - your retirement planning specialists

With over 30 years experience in financial planning, we offer comprehensive advice on the pre-planning phase of your retirement, the retirement process itself, and throughout your retirement period, including with your estate planning. Our financial advice is aimed at maximising your income stream with an underlying goal of maintaining your capital investments as much as possible, and your financial security.

We will discuss your desired lifestyle, your income requirements, investment strategies, tax implications, and the best timing for your retirement. Everyone is very individual in this regard and we take a comprehensive look at your particular circumstances.

We take a full view of your assets and investments and develop a tailor-made investment strategy taking all of this into account. We may also look at any outstanding long service leave or other entitlements, and any other issues relevant to you.

When you transition into retirement we will assist with planning and setting up your retirement income strategy. This could be drawing a regular income from your investments and/or transferring your Superannuation into an Account Based Pension. Transferring to a Pension is simple process but a complex arena requiring professional advice from your adviser to maximise your income. We also ensure you always have easy access to your investments to fund any additional expenditures should you require them.

Our ongoing service includes client updates, regular portfolio reviews, either in person, or over the phone if preferred, and you have direct access to your adviser as you need. Our clients appreciate having a Financial Advisor who knows them personally, their history, their family and their needs, and who takes an active role in their retirement planning.

Apart from overseeing the ongoing management of your investment portfolio within market fluctuations, there are many things that may need to be managed throughout your retirement phase. As retirement evolves there can be such things as downsizing properties, receiving an inheritancewhich may require adding to your current investments or expanding your portfolio and therefore a review of your overall investment picture. Also, over time your Age Pension entitlements may change requiring a relook at your circumstances. At some point there may be a need for Aged Care transition for your or your partner and we can discuss your options and any changes required to your investments to manage this.

Our services include assisting you with financial advice regarding all these or any other changes that may occur that affect your financial situation during your retirement phase.

We take pride in the care of your investments and our ongoing relationship with you personally.

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