Interview with Doug Isles – Platinum Asset Management

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Doug Isles a regular presenter at our Maher Digby client information sessions, discusses overseas markets in a recent Sky News Business program.

In the interview, he discusses how Europe, Asia and Japan are the global markets 
worth exerting most effort on looking for opportunities to invest new money, given the 
relatively higher valuations ascribed to domestic and US-listed companies. He also 
reminds viewers that managing currency is essential as while we do want to be 
exposed to the Aussie $ today, its time will come again in the future. 

Here is the hyperlink :

The 6 themes referred to at the end of the interview, in regard to the Platinum 
International Fund, are Data and Mobility (Smartphone), the Repair of the Financial 
System, Corporate Rejuvenation in Japan, Pharmaceuticals, US capex and 
Emerging Consumer.